Listen to What Parents are Saying about FBCD Weekday Preschool:

Other Testimonials from Parents of FBCD Weekday Preschool:

“As a first time parent and stay at home mom I realized my child would benefit from social interaction in a Christian learning environment.  FBCD is an outstanding program that treats us like family and helps my child develop faster than I ever expected!  Wonderful school!”         Sierra G.

“I am in love with FBCD Preschool! Choosing to keep my four year old at FBCD rather than receiving the free Georgia Pre-K was an easy decision.  FBCD teaches the whole child: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.  We only have one opportunity to give our children a good start …FBCD does just that.”    Diane P.

“I would highly recommend this school to anyone.  The staff is incredibly nurturing and loving, the curriculum is excellent, and their Christian education is exemplary.”     Patty W.

“Both my kids have attended First Baptist Duluth, starting in the 2’s.  The environment has remained God-centered, loving, fun and nurturing.  My kids love school and  have developed great relationships with their teachers and their friends.  I’ve always felt the staff and teachers have a sincere heart to invest in our kids and we are seeing wonderful fruit from that.  Our family is blessed to be a part of this school.”      Shelley S.

“FBCD Preschool has made such a positive impact on both my children.  I feel they have not only received a scholastic education, but a Christian one as well.  Thank you FBCD Weekday Preschool.”     Linda K.

“The teachers and staff are amazing.  I believe that this is what Jesus meant by “let the children come to me”.  You have ignited a fire of learning and love for God in my children and others.  Thank you!  FBCD nurtures every child individually.  Children learn through play and positive reinforcement.  They aren’t aware of the planning, teacher credentials, assessment of milestones and other features of a solid educational program, but as a parent I appreciate it.”    Ann M.

We chose FBCD because it’s a school that allows each child to be an individual while teaching them to be a great member of society. It’s amazing to see our child blossom academically and socially.    Kerby L.

“We love the school.  It has exceeded our expectations on every level.  It has been a wonderful introduction to a spiritual education as well as an academic and social education.  The teachers at FBCD truly love and care for their students.  It is obvious to me that God’s love is shining through them onto my child.  She loves it here.”  Diane P.

“We’re extremely happy and have enjoyed seeing our son blossom.  It’s obvious that he is growing and learning in a caring environment.”  Christi K.